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Due to the current pandemic, we are currently offering lectures and classes online. Our online teaching presence will be expanded in the winter semester. You can find some of our lectures online at:


Modern International Macroeconomics


Globalization, Integration and International Organizations:


Macroeconomics and Global Financial Markets:


  • Webinar: The International Economics of the Corona Shock
    Wednesday, July 8, 2020: 15:00-16:00 (3-4 pm, Berlin time (2-3 pm GMT)): [mehr]
  • Klausureinsichten WiSe 19/20 - Exam Reviews WiSe 19/20
    01.07.2020 - 10-17 Uhr - FN.00.01 [mehr]
  • WICHTIGE INFORMATIONEN! Moodle-Kurse zu Seminaren/Vorlesungen Prof. Welfens SS2020
    Die Seminare beginnen Donnerstag, den 23.04.2020 Um an den Seminaren von Prof. Welfens... [mehr]
  • IMPORTANT! Informationen SoSe2020
    Liebe Studierende, Informationen zu den Kursen im Sommersemester 2020 werden in den Moodlekursen... [mehr]
  • Prof. Paul JJ Welfens in UC Berkeley (Feb, 2020) | The Global Trump
    Prof. Paul JJ Welfens presented his book The Global Trump: Structural US Populism and Economic... [mehr]
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