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Prof. Dr. Paul J.J. Welfens
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Makroökonomische Theorie und Politik
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Forschung / EIIW

Europäisches Institut für Internationale Wirtschaftsbeziehungen e.V.
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Prof. Dr. Paul J.J. Welfens

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You can write your undergraduate, graduate or master’s thesis any time. 

Due to coordination problems we are not offering for students studying "Lehramt" the "Staatsexamen"exam in the form of a four hour written exam. Other forms of theses and exams are still possible. 

It is preferable that you have completed a course with the chair, such as lecture or Seminar. If not, have equivalent knowledge acquired elsewhere.

A topic will not be given, but will be developed during a consultation. Please contact any staff. While every staff can provide general information about the course of the thesis, specialized staff will support the technical assistance.


The assignment of topics is as follows:

International Relations:

Foreign Trade                                       Baier

Trade Agreements (TTIP, CETA, etc.)      Korus

Direct Investment                                 Baier

Globalisation                                        Welfens

EU and Eurozone                                  Welfens / Kadiric


Economic Development in General:

Economic Growth                                Udalov


Specific Economic Sector:

Energy                                               Udalov

ICT                                                    Welfens / Yushkova

Financial Market Development              Kadiric

Environment and Sustainability             Welfens / Udalov


First students should examine the literature and data availability and create a detailed outline.

The detailed outline should look somewhat like THIS

Ideally, the outline should contain a content page with brief information about each chapter and the number of pages that will be assigned to each chapter. This will allow the supervisor and Prof. Welfens not only to gain a better understanding of the structure of the work, but also makes it easier to create an internal structure in the work.


After a consultation about the outline of the thesis, there will be a discussion with Prof. Welfens, who will examine the structure of the thesis and advise on any improvements that can be made. Thereafter, the thesis will be registered with the Examinations Office. From the examination office you will receive the official documents for the registration and other important information for the thesis, which must be observed.



Theses cannot be submitted as a group effort. The Bachelor theses usually comprise 40-50 pages of text, Diploma theses about 80 pages and Master theses 80-90 pages of text. Furthermore, recommendations must be followed, as applicable to the preparation of papers at the chair.

Note: All Bachelor and Master graduates according to the new Studien-/Prüfungsordnungen are required to make an appointment for the final colloquium with our office. This date should be one to two weeks before submitting the final thesis.

It often happens that in theses (comparative) country case studies are included. We strongly recommend using more relevant sources such as the OECD, the IMF or the World Bank and not by the Foreign Office, Wikipedia etc.

Following the submission of the thesis, there will be about 8 weeks of processing and correcting.



A detailed summary report to the expiration of a thesis in our group:


Frameworks to the formalities:

HERE (in German)

Extended Version (in German)

Extended Version as a Word-file (in German)

Template for Bachelor- / Masterkolloquium (in German)

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